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Blue & Gold Fleet Employees Create a Collective to Promote Art + Photography Around SF Waterfron

Blue Collar Green Water was born from the vision of one of our co-workers, Rebecca Johnson, in early 2015. With the support and encouragement of Blue & Gold Fleet's then-president, Carolyn Horgan, the organizing committee has grown into a Collective of 14--consisting of blue collar employees of Blue & Gold Fleet--bartenders, captains, deckhands and guest assistance reps. The Collective members find time outside (and sometimes inside) their 40-50-hour work week to devote to the formation of this incredible organization, Blue Collar Green Water. We love tapping into our own talents as well as the creativity of our 100+ co-workers. Our aim is to provide a platform on which we can share our art with one another, our fellow Bay Area residents, and those who come to our shores. In addition to sharing our perspective on our spectacular work environment, the San Francisco Bay, we want to highlight our unique jobs as members of the current San Francisco working waterfront.

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