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2017 Calendars Are Here!

Blue Collar Green Water's 12-page wall calendars arrived just in the Nick (get it?) of time for Christmas gifts! You can still buy one for $20, while supplies last, by going to our Blue Collar Green Water store:

If you want to pay cash and pick up at Pier 41, email us at

If you ARE purchasing through our store and need us to ship it to you, email us, so we can send you a PayPal invoice for the shipping: $5.75

Your $20 goes toward supporting the

Blue Collar Green Water Photography Exhibition

Pier 1, Port of San Francisco

May 5-31 2017

Thanks to all our calendar photographers, judges, designers, Miguel Garcia of Blue & Gold Fleet, and, especially, Carolyn Horgan, outgoing president of Blue & Gold Fleet

--our staunchest supporter from the beginning!

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