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Blue Collar Green Water Art & Culture Collective

Blue Collar

In this current world where blue collar jobs continue to diminish throughout our country, and the blue collar communities that grew America in the last century are stripped away, we, the maritime workers of the San Francisco Bay, are a lucky few. Our jobs are local.

The Bay's maritime workforce is one of the most diverse anywhere. We are multi-cultural and multi-national; we are immigrants and Bay Area natives. We come together to earn our living on the Bay. Every day.


Our work proves to be a bonus for the artists among us: we have the opportunity to explore our art surrounded by the natural forces of tides, winds and currents that give the Bay its beauty and uniqueness. We, in our diversity, feel at home here.

Green Water

Many of us who work here enjoy photographing the daily marvels of our life on the  Bay.


Our workplace offers the opportunity to see and experience fleeting natural treasures missed by those who work inland. Quite simply, we want to share this remarkable part of our job!

The San Francisco Bay is an ancient estuary of 1600 square miles where saltwater and freshwater meet and mix to support native and migrating birds, fish and marine mammals. For millennia, the Bay’s renewable resources have sustained these residents and visitors.

Today, bridges, ferries, private boats and working ships cross the Bay. Along its edges are thriving ports, marinas, naval facilities and communities. Recovered wetlands and protected parkland are prevalent and expanding. The screeching of the gulls and the din of human activity come together to make a life here.

We love the San Francisco Bay and want to share our passion and enthusiasm for our work environment with our waterfront community, the greater Bay Area and the world that comes to our shores.

Blue Collar Green Water Art & Culture Collective is a 501(c)(3) consortium organized by the blue collar workers of Blue & Gold Fleet, the largest ferry operator on the San Francisco Bay. Formed in 2015 to support each other as artists, Blue Collar Green Water Art & Culture Collective includes a growing number of worker artists from the San Francisco Bay maritime community. We come together, through Blue Collar Green Water Art & Culture Collective, to use our art to build the communities in which we work and live.

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