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Imagining Post-Capitalism

hybrid festival/summit

MAY 1-7, 2018


Produced by Pro Arts in collaboration with Shaping San Francisco, the Imagining Post-Capitalism hybrid festival/summit will bring together humanities experts, activitsts, artists, and the general public to examine the history of capitalism and its effects, and to explore a future without it. Scheduled activities include: lectures, community gatherings and salons, discussions, presentations, performances, workshops, screenings, art actions and interventions, podcasts and publications. Presentation topics include: social history of labor and labor organizing, universal basic income and alternative economies, debt, the ethics of work, race-relations, revolutionary movements of the past, new social movements, eco-justice, urbanism and gentrification and technological innovations.


Join us on the Oakland to San Francisco SF Bay Ferry for a


With your bartender and expert chess master, Juan Cendejas, learn how to move chess pieces, make smart moves, or just play someone during the ferry ride! Chess boards and pieces will be set up in a designated area on the boat for those who would like to participate.

Chess boards & pieces will be provided

Ferry leaves Jack London Square, Oakland, at 6:55 p.m.,

arrives at the San Francisco Ferry Building, 7:20 p.m.

One-way adult fare (cash or credit card) $6.80 (Clipper card) $5.10

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure

A graduate of the National School of Bartenders, Juan Cendejas is also a photographer and professional chess player. Juan took graphic and web design classes at City College of San Francisco where he was the student council president at the Mission campus for two years. Juan and his team created and ran programs benefiting the 8,000 students, as well as the community around the campus. Juan plays chess at the Mechanics Institute Chess Club every Tuesday night. He plays chess every year at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Juan loves promoting chess for people to use as a tool for building leadership qualities.

San Francisco - Tiburon

Multi-media Art Experience

Saturday, May 5, 2018

PIER 41 San Francisco 8:05 p.m.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to departure

Adult round trip ferry ticket: $25


In addition to stunning views of the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, this experience includes readings, a short video screening, slideshow and animated video on San Francisco waterfront history, music, and photographs of BCGW workers on the job--all presented by San Francisco Bay maritime working artists.

ON MAY 5, 2018

The San Francisco/Tiburon ferry will leave PIER 41 promptly at

8:20 p.m. and return to PIER 41 at 10:05 p.m.

Adult round trip ferry ticket: $25

1. Purchase your round trip ticket(s) online at: 
2. Choose Kiosk pick-up

3. Print voucher

4. Bring voucher with you to the boat for entry


Blue Collar Green Water Art & Culture Collective



On the 2nd deck:


1. Samantha Levens


Samantha will offer a short presentation on ways in which maritime workers have historically responded to job loss, automation and workplace destabilization using creative expression and political action. Utilizing images, literature, photography and video, primarily created by maritime workers themselves, Samantha will present a nonlinear overview of SF waterfront history focusing on how we as blue collar workers have both successfully and unsuccessfully resisted and/or collaborated with automation, globalization and mechanization of our jobs and worksites. The presentation will set the stage for a collaborative question and answer period where we will discuss and debate how automation, mechanization and attacks on unions (right to work etc) is currently affecting our work as mariners and ways we can respond both creatively and through political action in the the present and future.

Duration: 15 minutes


2. April Sinclair & Sasha Wright


April will read an original, short piece related to the working life. Sasha will read a selection from her novel in progress. Their readings will be followed by a discussion, in the context of the readings, on what the future looks like, especially through a post-capitalistic lens.

Duration: 20 minutes


3. Erick Pari


Erick will show his documentary, “Behind the Line,” which raises the question: is the American Dream achievable for immigrants living and working in San Francisco? The 10-minute film will be followed by a few minutes of discussion about the future for people like those interviewed in Erick’s video.

Duration: 15 minutes


If there is time after these presentations for a collective discussion, panelists will be BCGW artists, moderated by Pro Arts folks.


On the 1st deck during the entire 1-hour voyage:


4. Eideyosy de la Vega Lezca


Eide will DJ a mix of Latino music with US music to show the fusion of Latinos in the Bay Area. This will show how Latino culture moves across borders and is multinational. It will symbolize our unity as a workforce through music.


5. Walter Cruz

Looping animated video about Waterfront Labor in SF


6. Vincent Atos

A few displayed photographs of BCGW ferry workers


7. No Host Bar

Background photo by: Patrick Robles

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