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Chess boards were set up! Tourists, commuters, and friends came to play chess on the 7:05 p.m. ferry ride from Jack London Square the San Francisco ferry building! A special thanks to WETA for giving us this opportunity to add a creative dimension to the ferry ride!

Blue Collar Green Water's Juan Cendejas organized this event.

A graduate of the National School of Bartenders, Juan Cendejas is also a photographer and professional chess player. Juan took graphic and web design classes at City College of San Francisco where he was the student council president at the Mission campus for two years. Juan and his team created and ran programs benefiting the 8,000 students, as well as the community around the campus. Juan plays chess at the Mechanics Institute Chess Club every Tuesday night. He plays chess every year at the Las Vegas International Chess Festival. Juan loves promoting chess for people to use as a tool for building leadership qualities.

Stay tuned for the next chess on the ferry event!

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